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Web design London, developing unique websites from our studio. In a technical world we craft something personal, engaging and usable. Unique website you can update.

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Your Bespoke Website Designers

About Us

We’re Dudley and Dan and we've been designing bespoke, unique websites from our London studio since 2010.

In a technical world, we put people at the heart of all our work, developing websites designed to be usable, engaging and personal. This approach is also key to how we work with you: drawing on your ideas and passion for the project.

Websites, branding, development and creative media - we can help.

Your Project
Your Project

From initial idea to launch we can make your dream website a reality.

As well as designing and building your site, we can secure your domain name, host your site, and set up your email accounts.

Where needed our agency also offers logo design, brand identity, photography, illustration, copy writing and content generation.



Every design is created individually, and never from template.

Our first job as designers is to understand what you want to say, and to whom. We specialise in communicating the unique qualities of your business in an accessible, engaging and beautiful way.



Each website we create is coded in-house and built from scratch. Our code is validated by W3C to the highest standard.

As well as website building, we are also available for individual coding projects.

Dudley writes in PHP, HTML, jQuery and CSS.

Your Personal Updates Page

Updatable Websites

Keeping content fresh and relevant is crucial. We make that simple through your website’s dedicated Updates Page.

Included in the hosting package of every site we build, the Updates Page allows you to amend and update text, add, reorder or refresh images, manage videos and other media all whilst retaining the integrity of the original design. It’s made first and foremost to be accessible and easy to use - so anyone can dive right in without the need for any technical training or specialist knowledge.

The Meeting
Let's meet in London!
After your initial enquiry, we always begin with a no-obligation face-to-face meeting so we can understand your business, discuss your ideas and work out what you want to say with your new site.
Project Begins
Project Begins
Design project begins
Now we have a clear idea of what you want to achieve - and a detailed design brief - we agree on a fee and the hard work can begin.


Web Design
Dan starts work on the design and creates a concept for the site, which he shares with you face-to-face so you can give your feedback in person.


Web Development
Based on your feedback, we develop the design further and produce detailed page mock-ups to illustrate the aesthetics and functionality of the finished site.


Building Phase
Once the final design is signed off, Dudley starts to code the website using Dan’s work as a blueprint. The first part of the site to come online will be the updates page, where you can add your content.


Launching a Website
With your content added, we'll have worked together to transform an initial idea into a unique website that's ready to launch!
Wibbly Wobbly Website offer an exquisite combination of artistry and technological skills. They were able to listen to my ideas and transform them into a functional and visually beautiful website. Their unwavering professionalism and clear, invitational communication style made my experience exceptional.
Bobbie Rasmussen-Merz
Wibbly Wobbly Website are a talented and extremely likeable team. They were a delight to work with and we're over the moon with our new website and branding.
Richard Thomson
We are delighted with our website - it is beautifully designed and a great showcase for our work. We are particularly pleased with how well it meets our original brief. Wibbly Wobbly have also created a bespoke back end to the website which means it is simple to update – something that is always useful in a busy office!
Emily Thommes
It was important for me to be able to edit and update the information on my site, particularly the portfolio pages, and Wobbly Wobbly Website have made that a very simple and straightforward process. I would not hesitate in recommending them.
Trisha Patterson
It was a great experience working with Wibbly Wobbly Website. They are very professional, super patient, very reliable and easy to understand. I highly recommend Wibbly Wobbly!
Natalia Otero Sancho
Dudley and Dan at WWW created our website from inception and continue to keep it up to date with their innovative ideas.
We've had brilliant comments already in our first month. It was surprisingly easy to understand with Dudley on hand to answer all our questions. We are already recommending Wibbly Wobbly to anyone considering a new web site.
We were really impressed with the professional and massively helpful approach Wibbly Wobbly Website brought to supporting us in putting War of the Monster Trucks on line. They very much became a team with us and led us along the path to go live in a calm, patient, non-patronising way.
Paul Taylor
We look forward to hearing from you!
Studio 28 - Unit 10
Elizabeth Industrial Estate
Juno Way
London SE14 5RW